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In the 1970s, many producers were disappointed with traditional air exchangers. The technology was not suited to cold winters or dust in barns.


Our new generation of air exchangers is a game-changer. The technology is simple and efficient.
Profitability, this time, is there.


our story


Today, producers are always asked to do more and better. More yield. More productivity. Faster. Bigger. We believe that performance should not be achieved at the expense of the environment and the health of animals and breeders.


Our products are designed to provide quality air in livestock buildings. We take technology further. We shatter old perceptions and support each client in their success.


We offer simple and effective solutions to improve air quality in livestock buildings. Our equipment is designed to support the profitability and performance of your production.

Pork production

Thanks to our solid technological and agronomic expertise, we support you in adopting best practices in air quality.

Ventilation system for chickens

By focusing on innovation, we protect the environment, your well-being as well as the well-being of your animals.
It means better air quality.
It goes through reliable technologies.

It takes a breath of fresh air.

By helping poultry and pig producers reduce their heating costs and lower CO2, humidity and ammonia levels in their barns, we are helping to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Because supporting sustainable agriculture is an integral part of our work.

Pork production


This is our tool to ensure that our customers are always more efficient. When we develop and improve our products, we keep these three keywords in mind: simple, efficient and profitable.


We are always looking for new solutions that meet the concrete needs of producers. We don’t wait for challenges to arise: our air quality experts support all of our customers to use our products to their full potential.

Ventilation system for chickens
Healty poultry farm

Animal welfare

Create a healthy working and living environment, this is what drives us on a daily basis. Animal health and welfare is at the heart of our business model, but we never forget the one who works tirelessly to care for them and feed an entire community.




Meet the team


Gabriel Gagné-Marcotte

General manager

At ESA, Gabriel is committed to applying the latest technologies to concrete solutions that meet tomorrow’s food production challenges.

Few words : ” Change creates opportunity for innovation “


Adam Frégeau

Financial director

Reducing our environmental footprint with cost-effective solutions: that’s the challenge Adam set himself when he joined ESA.

Few words : ” Aim for the stars and maybe you’ll reach the sky. ” – Reinhold Nelbuhr


Randy Taylor

Sales director

Passionate with the Agricultural industry, Randy collaborates with dealers and producers to provide solutions that elevate businesses, enhance animal welfare and contribute to environmental well-being.

Few words : ” I have 6 eggs, I break 2, I fried 2, I ate 2. How many eggs are left? “

william chabot-labbé

William Chabot-Labbé

Director of production

William is committed to contributing to a greener future by innovating for animal and environmental welfare.

Few words : ” Working towards a better world. “



CEP in product development

At ESA, Pierre-Alexandre finds every day stimulating and rewarding, thanks to the diversity of the engineering projects and the collaboration within the team.

Few words : ” Projects that take your breath away “



Product development manager

Aleksandra is working at ESA to innovate towards a healthier environment.

Few words : ” From ambition to action “



Factory manager

Nicolas is determined to revolutionize and change farming methods to improve the animals’ living environment.

Few words : ” Quality first “




Alex’s goal: to help build a greener future.

Few words : ” Working together for a brighter future “



Customer service/Product development

Jossoua comes from a farming background and uses her experience and knowledge to help you.

Few words : ” Innovation doesn’t just happen, it’s the result of constant striving for excellence. “

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