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Our air exchangers are designed using a simple and efficient technology that recovers the warm air expelled from the building to preheat the incoming air. Installing an ESA-1000 is a cost-effective investment. Recover the invested funds quickly through the savings achieved and the increase in your efficiency.

ESA-1000 improve chicken air quality

Improvement of animal welfare

Reduction of heating costs by up to 50%

Fast payback (ROI of 2 to 3 years)

Reduction of CO2, humidity and ammonia levels

Better returns, more income



Three separate modules for simplified maintenance. Each module can be replaced independently, allowing customization according to your specific needs.

ESA-1000 chicken farm ventilation

Ventilation module

Patent-pending technology


Single propeller, hence a single motor


Over 1000 CFM


No belts, no reductions, no asymmetry


Optimized energy efficiency

ESA-1000 livestock ventilation system

Heat Exchange Module

Easy maintenance, quick cleaning


High heat exchange coefficient


No air contamination


Optimized surface density


Does not occupy production space

ESA-1000 poultry ventilation

Air Distribution Module

Optimized air distribution


Low pressure drop

Reduction of undesirable drafts


Low turbulence


Improved air conditions

Discover all the advantages of modular design on our blog.


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ESA-1000 Heat Exchanger Installation

ESA-1000 Heat Exchanger Cleaning (1 Minute)

ESA-1000 Heat Exchanger Cleaning Video (3 minutes)

ESA 1000 Smoke Test

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