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Our air exchangers are designed using simple and efficient technology that captures the hot air exhausted from the building to preheat the incoming air. Installing an ESA-1000 is a worthwhile investment. Get back the money invested quickly thanks to the savings and increased returns.



Three separate modules for simplified maintenance. Each module can be replaced independently of the others. This allows customization to suit your specific air distribution needs.

Ventilation module

Patent-pending technology


A single helix means only one motor


More than 1000 CFMs


No belts, no reduction, no asymmetry


Optimized energy efficiency

Heat exchange module

Easy maintenance, fast cleaning


High heat-transfer coefficient


No air contamination


Optimized surface density


Doesn’t take up production space

Air distribution module

Optimized air distribution


Low pressure loss

Reduction of undesirable drafts


Low turbulence


Improved air quality conditions

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